Free Plus Accounts

What FreePlus Accounts gives you

FreePlus Accounts provides a fully functional, totally free, online accounting system for any small business, including start-ups, micro-businesses and sole traders. There is no time or use limit. Once you've signed up you can use the service as often as you want and for as long as you want with no charge.

For Accountants and Bookkeepers there is additional functionality that allows you to easily manage multiple accounts and to optimise data input so as to minimise some of the more time-consuming aspects of keeping accounts.

All users have the option of signing up for some or all of the additional system features and there is a modest charge for these. You will not need to pay for any additional features to make the system usable and you are not required to take up any of the extra functionality if you do not want it.

See what you get with:

The core FreePlus Accounts system

Optional additional features

All of our optional features are available for a small monthly charge as follows:-

FreePlus Standard User (£5.00 per month)

FreePlus Premium User (£10.00 per month)

Alternatively, for Accountants and Bookkeepers who wish to easily manage multiple accounts

FreePlus Bookkeeper Basic (£5.00 per month)

FreePlus Bookkeeper Standard (£10.00 per month)

FreePlus Bookkeeper Premium (£20.00 per month)

(All prices are exclusive of VAT.)

Once registered simply log on to your account, go to Admin -> My Account and select the subscription level that offers the features you desire.